Academic Boycotts in American Professional Associations

From 2013, professional associations organized along disciplinary lines began to place BDS resolutions on their annual agendas. All the various resolutions follow the same formulaic pattern in their rationale and rhetoric: affirming their commitment to principles of academic freedom, human rights, and social justice and in view of Israel’s alleged violations on all these fronts through its occupation of Palestine, the said association will honor the call of Palestinian civil society for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

To date, the most prominent associations to exclude Israeli institutions, faculty, and researchers from the scholarly community are:

An exhaustive catalogue of American academic organizations that endorse BDS, including links to the resolutions, can be found on the website of the AMCHA Initiative.

Resolutions targeting Israeli academics and academic institutions failed to pass in other key academic associations, including:

Cultural Boycotts Against Israel

Promoters of BDS and their ideological allies have increasingly sought to isolate Israel by calling for boycotts of Israeli artists and Israeli cultural groups. Performances by Israeli musicians, conferences featuring Israeli LGBTQ advocacy groups, and even talks by speakers who have no connection to Israel but are sponsored by organizations perceived as pro-Israel, have been cancelled, protested, disrupted, and been the subject of verbal assaults in the media. The following rank among the more notable examples of this trend: