Faculty Letters and Petitions Opposing BDS Initiatives

The following are select letters and petitions by university faculty opposing resolutions calling for divestment from Israel.

University of Haifa

There is a standing invitation for all AEN members to become Affiliated Professors at the University of Haifa, part of a movement to oppose attempts to boycott Israeli institutions. By becoming affiliated with an Israeli university, affiliated professors convey this message to would-be boycotters: “If you boycott Israeli academia, you are boycotting me.”

Israel and the Academy

Israel and the Academy is newly established resource seeking to combat the delegitimization of Israel through education and information. It provides academic content written by faculty members on a diverse variety of topics, including Israeli history and culture, Jewish studies, and the conflict in the Middle East. Its Advisory Board includes 14 AEN members.

Israel in the Academy

“History-making website aims to beat BDS with facts" Rebecca Shimoni Stoil, Times of Israel, October 14, 2016