2022 National Conference

2022 National Conference

AEN held its 5th National Conference in person May 16-18 in Washington, DC/Silver Spring, MD.

The National Conference was an opportunity for AEN faculty members, the AEN Leadership Team, and guest speakers to gather together for two days of networking and learning. Breakout sessions and panel discussions covered topics including academic freedom, free speech, Israel delegitimization and antisemitism on campus and in specific disciplines, professional associations, and the academy, as well as AEN’s 2022 Guide and Resource Book. Attendees were also updated on new AEN initiatives and projects, including our Improving the Campus Climate Initiative.

Conference Program

The full conference program can be viewed here or below. The program includes a welcome letter from Executive Director Miriam F. Elman and Advisory Board Chair Mark G. Yudof, the conference agenda, speaker biographies, and the entire list of conference participants.

Recorded Sessions

Prof. Jeffrey Herf (University of Maryland)

Prof. Ron Robin (University of Haifa)

The Honorable Irwin Cotler

Panel: Daphne Desser (University of Hawaii), Ron Hassner (University of California, Berkeley), and Scott Spitzer (California State University, Fullerton)

Panel: Azi Genack (CUNY, Queens College), Anna Krylov (University of Southern California), and Evan Morris (Yale University)

Kenneth L. Marcus (Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law)

Roundtable Discussion: Ellen Cannon (Northeastern Illinois University), Donna Robinson Divine (Smith College), and Jarrod Tanny (University of North Carolina-Wilmington)



2022 AEN Guide and Resource Book Available Now