2022 Guide and Resource Book

Antisemitism, Jewish Identity, and Freedom of Expression on Campus: A Guide and Resource Book for Faculty & University Leaders


The Guide and Resource Book is comprised of 5 parts:

Part 1 covers the anti-Israel movement on U.S. campuses, antisemitism and anti-Zionism, and intersectionality, social justice, and antisemitism

Part 2 discusses campus free expression and the anti-Israel movement, including the first amendment on campus, combatting anti-Jewish discrimination by applying Title VI, and the movement’s disruption of events

– Part 3 explains the anti-Israel movement’s faculty dimensions, including anti-Zionism in professional associations and attacks on study abroad/exchange programs in Israel

– Part 4 details the importance of college and university antisemitism awareness education and anticipates future trends in the anti-Israel movement and antisemitism and Israel delegitimization on campus

– Part 5 includes appendices with model statements from university leaders, faculty letters, additional resources, and much more

Read the Table of Contents and an excerpt from the Chapter 1 Introduction. AEN’s Guide and Resource Book is a useful tool for university leaders and faculty who are concerned about campus antisemitism and committed to sustaining their institutions as spaces for open exchange and inquiry.

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